Tips for Job Seekers

Social media clean-up for job seekersA crucial step of the job seeking process is social media maintenance – and you need to be aware of what settings you can use, what buttons you can push, what steps you need to take to cleanse your digital footprint (like a foot spa, without the feet. Or the spa). Here are some tips to help you sharpen up your online presence.

10 things you can do to improve your personal brand onlineWhat are you doing to improve your personal brand online? Have you registered your own domain name, set up your Google+ profile, or scheduled content? No? Here are 10 things you might be missing.

Personal branding on LinkedIn: 11 mistakes to avoidLinkedIn is a fantastic online business networking platform for professionals. And for job seekers, it’s a brilliant place to showcase yourself and your personal brand. But, if you’re doing the following, you’re NOT doing “Brand You” any favours:

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