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How to get on the path to UX career successThe last few years have seen the emergence of what I think is one of the most fascinating areas of web design: User Experience.

In 2014, the term User Experience became much more mainstream as organisations began adopting User-centered Design in their thinking.

User-centered design, usability, and a wealth of other names for following a customer centric approach to designing products became commonplace, and this growth has lead to an acute shortage of talent with certain skill-sets. This is providing an excellent opportunity for designers and developers to get involved in what is one of the most exciting movements in recent times.

Because of the rise in UX and the real buzz it's making, I am regularly asked by design and development talent about the best ways of breaking into UX, so I thought I would put a few of my thoughts down which will help you take steps towards achieving a great UX career.

How to build your professional brand with social media in 15 minutes a dayMany professionals understand that developing online influence through social media is an asset, but don’t know where to start or how to schedule it in.

Like most areas in life, the more you put in, the more you get out but you can still grow influence by investing as little as 15 minutes a day and an hour on the weekends.

5 career tips to help you understand your true value & marketabilityOver the course of a 25-year career you’re bound to learn a few things, right?

The answer is definitely yes; and I’d like to share with you the 5 most important things I have learned during my time in the international world of MarComms.

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