What We Do

We help you to identify, build and sell your unique brand of talent to the right company, in your ideal role.

At Firebrand we recognise the best Talent are energetic, enthusiastic and passionate, and want to be part of a company they believe in. The best Talent are straight-up, see through spin, are street-smart and want to make a difference. Talented people are game-changers; at Firebrand, so are we.

Our Talent Agents are experts in their respective fields and find Talent permanent jobs they love in the following areas of expertise:

  • Account Management & Strategy
  • Digital Creative & Development
  • Digital Production
  • Digital Marketing
  • Media
  • PR & Communications
  • Search & Analytics
  • Social & Content

Our main focus is on employers of choice, the companies our best and brightest Talent want to work with; companies that value their employees.

We are committed to service excellence, determined to achieve results and willing to do things differently. In fact, our mantra is ‘enemies of average’.

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